Selling Your Toronto Condo?

Saturday Feb 13th, 2021


Selling a Condo in Toronto ? This video gives you 10 steps you need to take to sell your condo for the maximum price and to sell it quickly. 1. Determine the condo's market value 2. Declutter & depersonalize 3. Storage 4. Fix & Repair 5. Paint 6. Get your condo professionally cleaned 7. Lighting 8. Staging your Toronto condo 9. Pricing Strategy 10. Make your condo easy to view to buyers If you are thinking about selling your condo in Toronto... [read more]

Is now the right time to sell your Toronto condo investment?

Saturday Mar 6th, 2021


If you own a condo in Toronto as an investment and you are thinking of selling it, there are several factors you should consider.   Your Investment Goals Think about your investment objective - are you looking for appreciation in value or cash flow? Your cash flow depends upon how much money you have invested, your mortgage payment, costs such as condo fees and property taxes and how much rent you are getting each month. The current market conditions Is it... [read more]

Best Toronto Condo Neighbourhoods

Tuesday Dec 29th, 2020


This video shows you the best Toronto Neighbourhoods for condo living. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/l58B_hwtbYw If you are looking where to live in Toronto check out the links in the description below. Depending on your lifestyle, price point and needs there are many great neighbourhoods to live in Toronto. Here are my Top 5 Best Toronto Neighbourhoods. #1 YORKVILLE. Yorkville is Toronto's most expensive condo neighbourhood and has some of the most... [read more]

Toronto Condo Living

Friday Jan 15th, 2021


Toronto Condo Living Your Unit and Common Elements In a condo corporation, as an owner, you typically own your individual unit and collectively share in the ownership of and expenses for the common elements. Unlike units, common elements may not be for the exclusive use of a particular unit owner. Common elements may include parking garages, elevators, lobbies, and much more. They may also include structural elements like the walls between the units, doors, plumbing and... [read more]

What is a Condominium?

Friday Jan 8th, 2021


What is a Condominium? When most people hear the word “condo” they may think of a single residential tower or maybe a townhouse, but what “condo” really refers to is a specific kind of real estate ownership structure that involves shared ownership of common elements and community decision making. This means that a condo could resemble a park, parking lot, or even an empty field. If you are considering purchasing property in a condo corporation, it is important to... [read more]