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      32 TROLLEY CRES  

      RIVER CITY 2   

    River City 2 condos introduces 249 units at 32 Trolley Crescent

    Created by Saucier+Perrotte as a dramatic contrast to the edgy, dark exteriors of Phase 1 and 3, the sleek white design of River City 2 stands out as a luminescent jewel against the industrial feel of the buildings surrounding it. Three glass mini-towers are connected on each floor with fully glazed passageways; units are constructed to look likes boxes jutting in and out and pivoting left and right. The use of translucent and white materials gives the structure an undeniable appeal that's airy, modern and completely sophisticated.  


    Tall, narrow and elegant, the entrance to 32 Trolley Cresecent condos speaks to the building's careful, angular aesthetic. Appearing as a sleek vertical slot in the facade of the building, the two-storey entryway opens into a dramatic, light-filled lobby with sophisticated proportions and striking black and white finishes. It's a beautiful entrance - and it also serves as a spare, contemporary pathway to the lush greenery of the Don River Park.  


    Saucier+Perrotte designed interior amenities for the exclusive use of River City 2 residents, located on the 2nd floor looking onto the exterior courtyard, including a large party room and lounge with a full kitchen and bar; a private screening room; a conference room, and a fully equipped gym and yoga room

    Guest suite located on the second floor, for the exclusive use of River City 2 residents and their guests.

    An approximately 15,000 square foot exterior landscaped courtyard made up of undulating landforms, designed by the Planning Partnership in concert with Saucier+Perrotte, featuring an illuminated outdoor heated pool on a floating deck, together with an outdoor dining area nestled in a grove of trembling aspens. The exterior amenities are shared with Phase 1  

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